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From France to United States


From France to United States

About us

FRENCH WINE IMPORTS & WHOLESALE Corp. is a New York based company.

We import French wines from all famous areas of France : Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Rhône, Loire, Alsace and more.

We also have a selection of premium spirits as Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Cognac. And to complete this offer in spirits, we have decided to propose french organic tonic which are perfect for long drink or add value in cocktails.


Our work

In France, our team of Sommeliers visit winemakers and select the best white, red & rosé wine directly from the vineyards.

In New York, our commercial team comes to your restaurant, bar, retail or liquor store to present our selection and introduce you to our wine with a premium tasting.

We provide the finest wines at the best price. Make more benefits and earn additional new customers by working with us !


French WinExport

We also have opened FRENCH WINEXPORT.

This company is in charge of exporting wine to our partners distributors worldwide. Today we work with Asia, South & Central America and Europe.


Our Wines (under construction)

Have a look at our selection of the finest french wines

Finest Wines

Our sommelier has made a special selection of some of the best wines among all French wines.
You can find the finest Bacchus beverage you can propose on your wine list, famous area as Saint Emilion, Pommerol, Margaux, …
And if you don’t find the special millésime or Château that you want, send us a request and we’ll find it for you at best price.


Bordeaux is located in the southwest of France, in the Aquitaine area. The reputation
of Bordeaux wines is undeniable! It was built gradually, from the Middle Ages to the
present day. It is the homeland of the famous Grands Crus Classés after the
classification of wines in 1855. The Bordeaux vineyard is divided into 6 wine regions
with very distinct terroirs.


Since the development of Champagne by Dom Pérignon in the 17th century, this
region has enjoyed unbeatable success all over the world. Let us remember that
Dom Pérignon has perfected the method of blending the cuvées and the stabilization
of the precious liquid in the bottle. The foam-taking method was already known in
Limoux, Dom Pérignon perfected it and adapted it to wines from the Champagne
vineyards. Champagne has become the ideal companion for festive moments. The
Champagne vineyard is divided into 6 wine regions.


Alsace is a wine region where exceptional white wines are produced ! This is the
region of the great Riesling and Gewurztraminer. It is also very famous for its wine
route which crosses the splendid Alsatian villages. Alsace wines go perfectly with
local gastronomy.

Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Burgundy is full of exceptional vintages wine that essentially made from two essential
grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and a large number of terroirs called
« climates ». It is the wine region of France which has the most appellations. It’s also
one of the most complex. Burgundy is subdivided into 5 wine regions.

Rhône Valley

The Rhône vineyard has literally been shaped by human hands, along the right and
left banks of the Rhône. Sometimes the vines are planted on very steep hillsides, as
is the case with Côte Rôtie. It is in this vineyard that the great Châteauneuf du Pape
wine is made, not far from the magnificent city of Avignon. The vineyard is divided
into 3 wine regions

Languedoc Roussillon

Located in South of France, the Languedoc-Roussillon vineyard is the largest in
France in area (246,000 hectares) with a production in 2010 of 12,000,000 hectoliters
of wine! Wines like Pic St Loup, Grès de Montpellier, Terrasses du Larzac, Minervois,
Faugères have greatly contributed to shaping the reputation of this vineyard. For over
20 years, exceptional domains have offered wines of impressive finesse. This
vineyard is naturally divided into 2 wine regions.

Loire Valley

A veritable open-air garden, the Loire vineyard combines wonderfully with the
Châteaux and the many rivers that dot it. Loire wines express very well the two main
characters of this region, charm and finesse. It is a very extensive vineyard, since it
follows the course of the Loire, from its source to its estuary. Thus, the vineyard is
divided into 5 wine regions.

Other Wines

Beaujolais & Côtes de Brouilly : This region, mainly known thanks to the Beaujolais
Nouveau, also provides wines which can be of remarkable quality!

Provence Corse : The vineyards of Provence and Corsica are often presented jointly.
For many wine consumers, Provence is the region of rosé wines. These wines, with
the splendid Mediterranean landscapes, form the prerogative of this ancient wine

Sud Ouest (IGP Gascogne) : This vineyard is very large in size because it covers
almost the entire Aquitaine region, however, the area planted with vines is 57,500
hectares. Many wines known by amateurs bloom in this region


Premium Spirits & Others


Because France doesn’t produce only wine, we propose the finest premium spirits : Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, … made from the best French products (high quality grapes, mineral water, organic fruits, …) Our sales team is ready to come to your place and make you taste our catalog and help you imagine new cocktails.

Tonic & Others

All our tonic and soda are organic , made in South of France from water source located in the Pyrénées mountains.
We offer the perfect soft drinks which can perfectly match with our premium spirits to mix them in a cocktail or as simple as a long drink.


We propose Still and Sparkling water.

France is known as a counrty of wines (and cheese) but you can find a lot of high quality water from moutains and sources.

Be sure to ask us about our soft, sodas and water catalog !

And we can create your own brand of still/sparkling water.


Our Team

Our team

We have now 10 sales representative who are supervised by our sales manager who has joined us recently, a professional from the wine industry with over 14 years of experience (Sommelier and distributor)

As our company grows up, we have taken the decision to hire a business developer. The only French employee (except the CEO) who has studied in Bordeaux, the best place to learn about wine and have worked as the same position in one of the biggest luxury group (LVMH)


About our sales

We have hired different people with different backgrounds but they all have in common the determination to make our company even more successful

Example : a senior sales with over 15 years of experience in wine distribution, a young sommelier who want to work as a solicitor, a formal assistant manager of a liquor store, a bartender who wants to changer her career, …


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